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Light, movement, people. They have together and individually always fascinated me and specially in a relationship with each other that create a story. An abstract birth of emotion in us, when combined with the visual intensity that we absorb, will evoke indifference, joy, wonderment, love, jealousy, confusion or even rage. The rise and fall of these feelings are what inspire me and what allow me to create a visual story. It is with these stories that I want to urge the viewer to allow a piece to manifest feelings and explore them.  

My style originates in the age old art of observation and creative story telling. Visual creations are an accurate medium that allow me to play with light and depth that export you into a weightless atmosphere similar to a dream.

Undoubtedly as a woman, I offer my audience a female perspective of subjects, but in balance and harmony where my characters are not just objects but a catalyst and energy to stir your strings. 

Personal Projects

A song, a place, a person, an artist, the rain, inspiration comes from everywhere. Transferring that raw energy and emotion, blending cultures and creating captivating stories with paint has been my aspiration for as long as I remember. 

A series that highlights the essence of the inseparable world of light and shadow.A monochromatic journey that highlight the relationship of light and dark through digital art.

Using digital paint brush in the same painstaking individual brush strokes as on my canvas, these creations come with inspiration from around us. Observing spaces and people and combining a vision in harmony.

Modern Impressions

Pieces that have been custom made for individuals using traditional methods of Linen or Cotton Canvas and paints.

Please get in touch to discuss a custom piece

Creative Process
Please click to view a time-lapse from sketch to completion

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