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It has always been fascinating to me how light and shadow can change your relationship with an object, person and even yourself. Feelings are abstract and it is so interesting to find a visual form that can enhance or elevate it.


Monochrome brings the drama and a theatrical narrative is played out with the stark contrast. Watching a movie and diving into the story is enhanced with the music and visual background created to showcase and understand the characters in depth. The urge to tell a story about emotions and feelings manifests itself through these characters in dialogues with the audience. 

Similarly through these paintings I hope you can visualise the story behind the characters who are inspired by everyday life and observations of life around us. 

Limited addition framed prints available

Series: Light and Shadow, 2020

Archival fine art Print

20 x 16 inches 

Edition of 7 plus artist's proofs

This artwork is also available in 16 x 12 inch

edition of 7 plus artist's proofs

Framing available


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